5 fitur terbaik Photoshop CC 2020 di masa depan yang Anda inginkan!

Mari kita buat Photoshop lebih hebat lagi! Dalam video ini, kami mengusulkan beberapa konsep fitur masa depan untuk Adobe Photoshop CC yang akan membuat kehidupan desainer grafis lebih mudah. Silakan komentar saran Anda fitur apa yang ingin Anda perkenalkan atau tingkatkan!

Lihat Workstation saya:
1. Meja – https://cutt.ly/MGtk3J
2. Kursi ergonomis Chiro – https://cutt.ly/zGtldM
3. iMac Pro – https://cutt.ly/ZGtlPw
4. MacBook Pro – https://cutt.ly/kGtzuf
5. Tablet pena Wacom Intuos Pro – https://cutt.ly/jGtznu
6. iPad Pro baru – https://cutt.ly/CGtzC5
7. Pensil Apple – https://cutt.ly/xGtxxl
8. iPad Stand – https://cutt.ly/GGtx2W
9. Tampilan pena Wacom Cintiq – https://cutt.ly/eGtcko





Fitur yang disarankan:
0:42 – Rekaman timelapse
4:35 – Peningkatan Free Transform dengan opsi Advanced Warp
9:27 – Pengeditan Objek Cerdas Dalam-konteks (Mode Isolasi)
14:36 ​​- Panel referensi
17:16 – Peningkatan papan tulis


20 Replies to “5 fitur terbaik Photoshop CC 2020 di masa depan yang Anda inginkan!”

  1. Yes I'm a Designer

    Are you still holding down the Shift key when resizing in Photoshop? Would you like a legacy transformation behaviour toggle in the preferences?

  2. ne_skaju

    I want MIDI controllers support, and midi learn would be used to assign knobs to any sliders, notes could be assigned for buttons or hotkeys.

    So you could change opacity of one layer even if it's not selected, if you assign it to knob #1, etc.

    Infinity knobs should work in relative mode and mixer sliders/non-infinity knobs should work in absolute mode.

  3. vibraloop

    OMG Martin i heard in the first 3 sentences that you were "are" hungarian 😀
    but your family name doesnt sound too hungarian 😀

  4. Darren Albertson

    You can now switch to the legacy Free Transform option: PS Prefrences>General>Options>click the bottom most left box "Use Legacy Free Transform", my option of choice since all other transformation features still require the Shift key to modify porportionally.

    And it is a amazing that a $10 iPad app like Procreate has some incredible features that a powerful, industry standard powerhouse image editing software like PS doesn't (features that I've grown accustomed to and wish PS had):
    1) Multi-layer warp mesh, as you mentioned
    2) Quick lines/shapes
    3) Being able to lift your stylus/input device while making a selection without losing it or it automatically closing the selection, and being able to resume the selection by just going back to where you left off on the selection. (I wish Procreate would add the quick shape feature to their selection options as well)

  5. PotDeNutella

    ability to add human or animal figure ( ability to ring it ) to help you chose pose its good for digital artists

  6. PotDeNutella

    i really recommande adobe to let you drop picture from google image without downloading it (from exemple next to your document boundary , add its as element of inspiration not a layer and not part of your document and it save within your psd )

  7. PotDeNutella

    Usual to defringe or see how well is your mask you make solid color underneath this layer , ithink its will be much faster if you double click on layer which have mask isolate it not prominent with the color of underneath layers (as if it was 2 layers one of them background) so you can see and edit it
    other suggestion : every layer have its own characteristic like what you said if it smart object the concept of isolation is neat idea but if it have mask i really recommended my feature .

  8. mayb sharma

    I think there should be a separate workspace inbuilt in Photoshop & Illustrator where we have a separate artboard just for references like we have dumps in After Effects & Premiere and Actual Working File Window clubbed together with User customized toolbar with a limited set of tools from all main tool sections from zoom to layers to swatches to eye dropper etc.. so it becomes a much more smooth & faster workflow…The advantage of separate workspace would be that we should be able to click and choose or alter between Reference Artboard with multiple reference pics of any Color Mode along with Working File Window..The Reference Window or Artboard should open all files in their actual forms like RGB, CMYK, GrayScale..
    It's just a complicated thing I am asking from a user's perspective

  9. mayb sharma

    One more feature that can be added to Warp Tool is increasing or controlling the tolerance level of a specific selected anchor point or group of anchor points to three levels like highlighting the most affected grid area for editing till the last pixel cluster area to be affected so that we can decide how much surrounding area should be affected while editing or transforming the mesh..Also it should have further options of either moving it or scaling it as well…Like Advanced Pivot Control Selection in Autodesk 3ds Max.. It's a great way of controlling what area of mesh needs to be affected and how much to be affected.. I always had thought of this option to be added in Photoshop since the moment I saw it in 3ds Max..

  10. alivetutors

    I usually add mask outside of the smart object in the main document for the composition purpose. but it will really be nice to see riginal composition as backdrop in editing smart objects.

  11. Louis M

    I'm still using Photoshop CS6 and still no need to pay for subscription plan plus a huge bonus to have Procreate for perfect combination.

  12. Marcelo M

    When I use puppet-warp distort I create a lot of control points. I have to manipulate them one by one. Its a hell of work.

    I´d like to see tools to manipulate groups of points of the mesh, like a marquee area to select a group of control points and be able to use CTRL-T to distort the geometry of these selected points and mesh. It would be nice if I could make a linked group of points. For example, if I have a mesh with 100 points and I select (with a marquee), 30 of them… I hit CTRL-G to group these 30, then I click anywhere inside this group to select this subset of points. Then, I can move, rotate, distort, skew, etc. Cool ah?

    I would be nice if we have some type of history of the position of each control point and could reset the point original positions. And the distorted pixel image be non-destructed by default, retaining all the original resolution. Some AI with the interpolations could help.

    Today with all the limitations of puppet tool, if I want to keep the original image non-destructed, first I need to create an smart-object and then distort it.

    This tool is still is in Jurassic stages. I´d like to see some innovations on it.

    Come on Adobe, make the life of the distorter-artists easier! 😁

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