Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Lasso Tool Dalam tutorial Photoshop pemula ini, saya menunjukkan kepada Anda bagaimana melakukan seleksi secara langsung dengan Lasso Tool.

Ingin tetap mendapatkan informasi terbaru tentang tutorial terbaru? Tautan ini akan membantu Anda:

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30 Replies to “Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Lasso Tool”

  1. Saima Ali

    when i finished with dragging and click to copy it says cant copy as the space is empty…..if anyone can help me with it plz

  2. sleepup7931

    thank you for giving clear instructions and not " ok, you have done the lasso and now click and drag"….how do I do that?

  3. Anna Kravets

    Thank you so much, but how do I open that other window to transfer the flower to. (your second page with the clouds, how do i open it as well?)

  4. eric laquerre

    Thank you sir!! Perfect tutorial for a newbie like myself!! You explain everything and not too fast! You explain every step unlike some tutorial who assume we are all photoshop master!!

  5. Naimullah Khan

    Dear sir Adobe photosop CC version me Polygonal lasso tool ko use karte waqt mistake hone par undo kaise kare

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