Bagaimana Memperbaiki Headshot – Tutorial Photoshop

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Bergabunglah dengan diskusi dan lihat tutorialnya di

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Dalam tutorial ini kita akan berbicara tentang cara memperbaiki headshot profesional dengan Photoshop CC. Kami menutupi menyentuh kulit cacat, membuat mata terlihat dalam dan realistis, dan menajamkan, dan tips dan trik tambahan untuk mendapatkan headshot yang bagus. Teknik-teknik ini juga dapat digunakan untuk memperbaiki dan menyentuh foto untuk situs kencan online juga. Semoga Anda menikmati tutorialnya!


11 Replies to “Bagaimana Memperbaiki Headshot – Tutorial Photoshop”

  1. Coach Donahower

    How do I pull up that complete/comprehensive adjustment menu, with all of the sliders showing at once, that you have pulled up on the right? The right side toolbar that I have is very minimal. I have to bring up each set of sliders individually: brightness/contrast, levels, hue saturation, etc. I want to see them all at once like you have it, there!

  2. Antonio Rivera

    The image looks kind of hazy. I thought you would have fixed it and made it more clear. it could be that You Tube makes it this way too.

  3. Malte Christensen

    You clearly know what you are doing. The end result is a bit bland for my liking, though. I can't believe you didn't clip his nose hairs 🙂 That what the only real blemish in my book 🙂

  4. kaskins117

    it may be youtube but the left side of the face is really really white. i did think u were going to fix this but never did. again may be youtube but the picture looked way better before u edited the image. great upload i did learn a lot form this very helpful

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