10 Replies to “Cara Membuat Presentasi Wawancara”

  1. staciejung

    Thank you so much for this. I have to make this kind of presentation tomorrow and I really had no idea what to do other than explain my resume which would have been wrong. Thankyou!!!!

  2. AptusTec

    Come on! You should have known better, (it is MONSTER.co.uk) :P. And as usual, excellent advice, the lady is very personable and professional.

  3. Grae Hall

    One key message – unsure about where being unable to articulate a handful of key points may be frowned upon. The interview is for the job – and how common are jobs where a highly important concern is only b eing able to present one key point powerfully?

    What does it say about them if they feel your communication is best served by only having one key message? Perhaps I don't understand the benefit.

    Perhaps several interelated reinforcing key messages may have helped me understand better.

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