Cara Memotong Rambut di Photoshop | Hari 27

Di hari ke 27 dari 30 Hari Photoshop, Aaron menunjukkan kepada Anda bagaimana menangani salah satu tugas paling menantang bagi editor gambar; memotong dan memilih rambut! Pelajari cara membuat pilihan kasar pada subjek dan rambutnya, dan kemudian perbaiki pilihan itu menggunakan alat canggih di dalam Select and Mask. Tangkapan untai, setiap saat!

Unduh Sampel Gambar:

Daftar untuk 30 Hari Photoshop:



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37 Replies to “Cara Memotong Rambut di Photoshop | Hari 27”

  1. Dennis Hunt

    I have really enjoyed this series but have a problem hopefully you/someone can help……I make a selection as demonstrated but when I create the mask the background doesn't get deleted…it shows as black on the mask but its still visible on the image…using PS CC 21.0.3…hope someone can advise..Thanks

  2. Kateryna Kyselova

    Incredible! Changing the brush mode to Overlay was totally new for me. It makes a huge difference. Thanks a ton Aron! You are the BEST

  3. Chris Valcárcel

    When I use the refine tool it continues to erase into my subject instead of adding the outer parts of the hair. Is there a setting that I have wrong?

  4. FotoandFun

    WOW!! Changing the mode of the brush tool to Overlay for masking! Never imagined that and it is brilliant. Thank you Aaron Nace.

  5. Marc Labro

    nice tuto. i often hear that we use refine brush across hairs, even keeping center outside hair (?), but not at all start from inside to outside to teach photoshop what to do (at least once ?). This has sense now how refine brush is working 🙂 do you confirm ?
    what is the difference between using brush in overlay and using dodge and burn tool to refine mask ? i use both but often hesitate due to all options (midtone,…).

  6. karayuschij

    Here you still have a lot of contrast between the hair and the background. Try to do the same with a dark background…

  7. Timo Naumann

    Hi Aron, what settings do you use for edge detection, and which flow do you prefer for editing the mask (in you video we can see first 10% and later 60%)
    Thank you for these great tutorial!

  8. Tom Cuppens

    Awsome tutorial! Thanks for every information you give us, Aaron. We will probably never meet but I already consider you as a friend.

  9. PhotoClinicByEliza

    Wow you made it look so easy. I have been looking for a video tutorial just like this. You've done a really Fantastic Tutorial! kudos!

  10. Taonga Meja

    Would like to take this time to appreciate your kind heart, thanks for your free tutorials, I would also like to know what am supposed to do if part of the background is still showing on the subjects hair despite using the procedure you've outlined in your in your tutorial… I'm having a hard time trying to figure it out. Phlearning all the way from Zambia 🇿🇲🇿🇲 💕

  11. Rosa Perry

    I'm always curious as to what people use for hardness and spacing in the refine brush edge tool. I can never strike a happy medium. I'm not even sure what the spacing means for this tool. What's the best setting Aaron? Thanks for posting these awesome 30 Days of Photoshop.

  12. Michael Hudson

    Great Video. Unfortunately this is the second time in the 30 days of photoshop series that the PSD has not been available even when he said it was. No big deal, just would have been nice.

  13. DEGA

    The problem with this is that select and mask doesn't reliably work on any version of Photoshop since CS6. I have to keep that version installed for masking work, and switch between that and the latest Photoshop for editing. Adobe really needs to shift its focus to quality control and put out stable software before rushing to the next big thing.

  14. Olagoke Adeyemi

    Thank you thank you. You are simply amazing. I hope this series opens doors for you in ways u never imagined

  15. Tomi Bangó

    The refine edge system was much much better in CC 2014. They ruined it when it has been updated… Anyway thanks for the tutorial….

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