11 Replies to “Create Clipart Using MS Word or PowerPoint”

  1. John Doe

    Can you please tell me how to create the word British in the colors of the union jack and the word American in the colors of the stars and stripes. I am looking to create a t-shirt. Thanks!!

  2. Timothy Oh

    Nice clipart and video.
    But I recommend saving as PNG file instead. (still many are using JPEG as final publish)
    JPEG in paint.exe is lossy.

  3. RetroSmooveHouse

    Awesome! I've been amazed at what you can do with Word and have done a few clipart drawings. I sometimes transfer to Fireworks to finalise but prefer Word.

    It's especially fun changing colours, etc.

    Hey, you forgot a bobble for the end of the hat lol.

    Brilliant stuff, nice!

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