Photoshop Tutorial: Bagaimana Mengubah FOTO menjadi Gorgeous, Pencil GAMBAR

tutorial Photoshop CS6 menunjukkan bagaimana mengubah foto menjadi gambar pensil yang halus dan indah.

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32 Replies to “Photoshop Tutorial: Bagaimana Mengubah FOTO menjadi Gorgeous, Pencil GAMBAR”

  1. Uzair Sipra

    oh wooooow, you are amazing, can i be your Shtooooodant shir……… :D, no kidding, thank you so much good sir, that was jus time saving for me, i needed this so much for my storyboard things. already subscribed.

  2. Alex Andford

    If it's the same effect as a cartoon and I just want to change the picture. How do I do that without going through all the pain?

  3. Muhammad Rehan

    It really a good video but i want to know the quality of pic is it jpj or jpg file becaue mine were not change properly

  4. Thierry Memel

    Best tutorial… Life becomes simple very simple when you are a digital artist like me . Much thanks. Need more …….

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