Photoshop Tutorial: Cara Cepat Membuat Potret Kertas Torn Paper yang tampak keren.

tutorial Photoshop CC 2017 menunjukkan cara cepat membuat potret kertas yang terlihat keren dan sobek.

Gambar kertas robek:! ArAEPhCK6XBWjSwcWVmUOcDl5hoV

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ID Gambar: 113525908, 159804149, 94063786

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Trek musik: "Helix Ganda"

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38 Replies to “Photoshop Tutorial: Cara Cepat Membuat Potret Kertas Torn Paper yang tampak keren.”

  1. MRzayzay

    AMAZING TUTORIAL THIS WORKS AND IT IS AWESOME IT IS REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLICATED!! i went back over 10 times

  2. Louis Martin

    I really like this effect. It is simple but the result is impressive. Added the poster effect and colored pencil to the BW layer with a bit of vignetting. Thank you.

  3. Shabnum Yousuf

    I am not able to select the middle part of the torn paper upon control clicking the thumbnail…
    Please help me out there

  4. lori v

    Hi there everyone. I try this ripped effect, but im blocked at 2:52 minute. I musing Photoshop elements 12 and can:t find the Convert to Smart object 🙁 Wil someone HelP me please?. Thank you a lot.

  5. Thirumaran Subramaniam

    I'm always check your tutorial.. You r a very good teacher.. Very crystal clear explanation. Thanks bro

  6. Sajid Ch

    Woooo soooo cute and beautiful 💚🌹💚🌷💚🌷💚🌷💚🌷💚🌷💚🌷💚🌷💚🌷💚🌷💚🌷💚🌷💚🌷💚🌱🌹🌱🌹🌱🌹🌿…Thank Marty!

  7. Κωστής Δρόσος

    well the good thing is that i learned how to do it … the bad thing is that i'm ugly and the result can't even hide how ugly i am 😛 … Thanks photoshop XD

  8. Κωστής Δρόσος

    Hi! new to your channel ! Nice video ! Do you have videos for rookies ? I don't even know how to zoom in and out

  9. 📸🎥Let me see it📸🎥

    You have the best tutorials i have ever watched. I stumbled upon you by accident one day and just began watching many of your videos. They were so good i went out and bought a camera and photoshop. Thank you for the experience. Love and respect my good sir.

  10. Confused Unlimited

    i dont know why but i just watch these because its cool to see everything come together and just the tone of his voice is so soothing and calm

  11. Stephen Bray

    hi there just watched your torn paper portrait video, it was fab, I am not able to get the free torn paper template. is there a reason for this or have I missed the free offer. regards steve

  12. jrfischferguson

    Is this possible to do with 2 different photos? For example- have a person in B&W but then have the color eyes section be from a tiger?

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