Photoshop Tutorial: Powerful Ink, Smoke Portrait

Tutorial Photoshop CC ini membahas cara membuat potret asap tinta yang kuat. Saya akan menunjukkan cara memadukan dua gambar menggunakan masker. Kami kemudian akan menambahkan beberapa filter untuk mengurangi kebisingan dan melembutkan gambar & Banyak lagi.

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Dirancang oleh Freepik – Gambar Tinta

Gambar Model – faestock

Audio Disediakan Olehꜜ


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  1. Photoshop Tutorials

    Hey all, if you enjoyed this tutorial, please smash that like button. It lets me know you enjoyed this tutorial! Have a good day. 🙂

  2. Car Design - Autozeichner

    Great content! I am also using Photoshop in my videos and there are always more and more techniques to explore. Love it! 😊


    I don't know where I went wrong but then I try to get rid of the smoke the only thing that removes is the smoke behind the model mask…

  4. Dream Chaser

    Mine doesnt look the same as yours @ 3:30. If I hide it, it doesnt have black. I followed your instructions but it didnt went the same. What to do? :/


    The Great One. I'm also making tutorials from last years on YouTube. But none of my tutorial contains this kind of effect. But now I have decided to become a copy cat 😀

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