Presentasi PowerPoint Animasi Spektakuler

Semua bentuk dan animasi dibuat menggunakan PowerPoint.

Lihatlah presentasi ini di sini:

Saya tidak memiliki audio. Anda dapat membelinya di sini:


30 Replies to “Presentasi PowerPoint Animasi Spektakuler”

  1. Dvojitej Chleba

    Fuck this "AudioJungle", I hate it, ooohohohohoh..

    Why are u doing this to us? I hate repeating bullshits 😀 It ruins everything of the vid… really, you should do something about it.

    But nice other stuff, rly

  2. Holistic Rachel

    Why didn't you buy the music for this? Most social media licenses from audio jungle are like $19– very affordable!!! Not sure why you didn't invest and you expect us to invest….

  3. Ouroboros Soldier

    the repeated watermark throughout this video completely ruins any sense of professionalism and therefore your credibility :/

  4. auravanessa

    The continuous chant completely distracted from the presentation, it was not until the end that I figured out what she was repeating over and over again! Annoying

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