39 Replies to “Saya menantang 600 orang untuk photoshop gambar ini”

  1. Cap

    Man that lo-fi photoshop was so good so many little details I can’t believe it lost to a generic movie poster just cuz it had names on it people recognize

  2. K҉y҉l҉o҉R҉e҉n҉G҉a҉m҉i҉n҉g҉ Y҉T҉

    At 13:18 the Blues Clues should’ve won because you got the numbers mixed up. You said lofi while looking at the blues clues one and vise versa, and a lot of people probably went after what it looked like and voted for what they thought was the Ludwig Clues, so wasn’t the vote rigged there? In my opinion the Ludwig Clues was better than the lofi one so I’m just saying, the contest might’ve been flawed.

  3. Aaron Hoff

    Will you post a short YouTube video showing when you stream? I wanna watch you but I don't know when you stream. It would help to have a video posted whenever you start a stream!

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