Sudahkah Anda Mencoba Ini Tips Presentasi PowerPoint?

Bagaimana Anda bisa membuat presentasi PowerPoint yang hebat? Pastikan Anda mengikuti 3 tips ini untuk menginformasikan, mengesankan, dan memikat audiens Anda. Berapa yang harus Anda muat pada slide? Bagaimana jika Anda memiliki banyak informasi dan tidak dapat memuatnya dalam satu slide? Apakah saya memerlukan logo pada setiap slide?

Pastikan Anda tidak membuat kesalahan yang sama yang saya buat di masa lalu ketika membuat presentasi PowerPoint. 3 tips ini membantu Anda mendesain slide yang profesional dan mengesankan. Anda dapat menerapkan konsep-konsep ini untuk semua versi PowerPoint, seperti PowerPoint 2010, 2013 dan PowerPoint 2016.

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3 Video Hacks PowerPoint Terbaik:

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27 Replies to “Sudahkah Anda Mencoba Ini Tips Presentasi PowerPoint?”

  1. Ahmad

    I started making slides that doesn't make sense without me. Thank you for assuring me that I'm on the right track

  2. Hi. I’m Ken!

    This is great information.
    I’ve learned to use slides as a visual representation to support what people are saying. They should tell a visual story with the oral story of the presenter.
    I really try to avoid bullet points but they are necessary sometimes.
    Too much animation needs to be avoided too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. marcio rodrigues

    Very helpful. There’s another school of thought that says that slides needs to be enough on its own.

  4. Irviantanto Haditomo

    Hei…..Leila…I love your channel. Have you a video tutorial for ms visio? It will be great if you can teach us ms visio. I wish your channel will be growth. Thanks

  5. Paul Sword

    Hi I am a teacher and our school wants to use a template for each lesson we deliver. Except it’s not a true template, essentially it’s a logo in too right corner, an image down left hand side and then three text boxes, one at the top, one at bottom and one down right had did. Your then Left with a boxed area in the centre to display your content. Everyone is just. copying and pasting it onto every slide! Is there a quicker more productive way of applying tv is to an already made presentation?

  6. Aaditya Rajput

    Thank you for this awesome video! I struggle a lot with story boarding my slides. Do you have any general tips that would be helpful to overcome this?

  7. GWShark1

    unfortunately some of us are stuck with a particular format due to Company's policy. Not a lot of room for creativity or simplicity. We are told even what colors types and sizes of fonts are allowed depending on the type of slide or section.

  8. Esther craft

    Great fantastic tips!! Would love to see more effective visual data tips. For finance When making comparison of diff suppliers value proposition i have to show comparison between 3 suppliers and up to 8-10 categories. How do I show visual effective but not complex

  9. John Kean

    I changed a PDF into a PP presentation. Al the words are joined together. Anyone know how to sort it please 🤔

  10. winter melone

    I'm sorry, hi, I love this video and your channel, I've learned so much from them. But this thumbnail is kind of… making me really uncomfortable. no offense but do you really need your face occupying half of the thumbnail like that? :< "Does it bring value to my presentation? No, it's distracting"

    I'm sorry I don't wanna fight, I watched the vid till the end and loved it. But fam if you want more viewers to click on it, please do make them look worth our watchtime. I almost not clicked on this because of that lmao.

    I'm just "+1 view" on this, but I genuinely hope you read this. I'll be looking forward to more of your content though 😉

  11. Yogesh Bhanushali

    Great lecture. Is it possible for you to share the workbook for the graph "Production volume ahead of budget (tons)"

  12. Piyush Agarwal

    Your lessons are amazing mam. Zoom and Morph Features would change the way I present in future. Thanks a ton

  13. Luqman Qureshi

    I am a university student and making points with just hints for you is great but your team can't understand it.

  14. Michael Horn

    Perfectly right, there's nothing worse then an audience distracted by desperately trying to follow a presentation by reading heavily overloaded slides. Simplicity is what I've learned years ago being trained to the Toyota Way.

  15. Kapam Pangan Vlogs

    Hi Leila! I just made a project and this will be sent to our outlets. Is there a way where I can keep all the formats without being accidentally deleted by the end user? I tried saving via ppt presentation but the videos I imbeded were not playing. Thanks for all your informative vlogs. All are very helpful and can improve one's skills and knowledge whether excel or powerpoint. Cheers!

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