Tutorial Photoshop: Bagaimana Mengubah Wajah Menjadi Potret Teks yang Kuat

Tutorial Photoshop CC 2014 menunjukkan bagaimana mengubah wajah seseorang menjadi potret yang kuat yang hanya terbuat dari teks.

PENTING: Pada jam 5:59, tekan Cmd + Shift + 3 (bukan Cmd + 3).

Untuk bekerja di WORDLE.NET:
1. instal "Java";
2. gunakan "Internet Explorer".

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32 Replies to “Tutorial Photoshop: Bagaimana Mengubah Wajah Menjadi Potret Teks yang Kuat”

  1. Tricia Ng

    Hi so so sorry but when i try to use levels to brighten my image, the rest of the wording are also brighten up which means the that instead of just my intended image having the words only, the surrounding background have the words too. Can anyone please help me!

  2. Mad Hatter

    I tried to move the text only, but I can't :< The whole text picture move with the selected text :< what I have to do now ?

  3. Ben

    thanks brilliant tutorial, for those who are using the new adobe software to access the refine edge tool you need to go to select hold shift and click on select and mask. other then that everything else is the same.

  4. xSHuSHx

    literally i've done this three times for a school project and it just won't work i don't know what i'm doing wrong but it is so dark it just doesn't have the same effect ughhhhhhh

  5. Stacy Adderley

    Hi Marty
    After several tries I completed this task. However I had to use WordClouds.com for the text. I followed the same instructions as you indicated. Yet my text, even though it was white was not as clear as your text. It was not as visible. Could not really distinguish the text. Other than that it works. I would to send to you for your review if possible for critique?

  6. Patrick Ford

    I've just finished a version of this. The instructions are very clear. The build up, I have found, does not prepare you for the final result, which I have to say is just superb. I am well chuffed. Thank you very much for providing such an excellent tutorial. I would like to see more. My only stumbling block has been finding a word cloud program that i could use. Wordle does not work on my Mac. It did a few years ago, but no longer. I'm guessing it's something to do with the operating system. After searching through what is currently available, (Not much) the only one that came close to providing the sort of quality I needed was Word Art. This is chargeable. I used to use Tagxedo alot but this is not supported on macs anymore either, sadly.

  7. Vaidehi B

    hi loved this clear and concise tutorial, thank you so much! The wordle site didnt work out for me so i just took some lorem ipsum text to place on the face. thanks!

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