Tutorial Photoshop: Cara Membuat Buku Komik, Seni Pop, Kartun dari Foto

Tutorial Photoshop CC 2014 menunjukkan cara mengubah foto biasa menjadi kartun, komik bergaya pop art-style, kartun. Ini adalah pembaruan untuk tutorial yang saya lakukan pada versi Photoshop yang lebih lama.

Astaga! Font Biasa:

Foto disediakan oleh http://www.shutterstock.com
Gambar stok berkualitas tinggi, bebas royalti
ID Foto #: 185891672

Musik Gratis Royalti disediakan oleh http://www.beatsuite.com
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Trek musik: "Inspiring Life"

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45 Replies to “Tutorial Photoshop: Cara Membuat Buku Komik, Seni Pop, Kartun dari Foto”

  1. kingwyatt5000

    If you're reading this and you're not already subscribed to this channel, please do. Blue Lightning TV gets it done!! (Also this effect does not work so well with black and white photos lol)

  2. L Cat

    You are superb both in computer and art! And the best one in teaching. You show every details in short and logic steps. Your brain is out of ordinary. Thank you.

  3. George Rady

    GREAT! I need to crest storyboards for a video webseries and I may need to include our storyboards for later content… don’t want stick figures or actual production photos…


  4. Gina Tierno

    this is hands down the best photoshop tutorial on youtube. so clear. don't miss a thing. perfect. firts time user and i came out with a perfect product. all thanks to your details. THanks man

  5. Alfonso S.

    I just came across your channel and let me say that you're THE BEST teacher…..love the way you zoom in and out showing clearly where to go to creat the project. You make it so easy to follow what youre teaching. THANK YOU

  6. Noel Juan Manahan

    I have trouble with the text. Whenever I create a text like I love you!!! The Punctuation marks would be at the beginning of the text like – !!I love you. Please help.

  7. Karl Caudell

    Thanks for this tutorial. Excellent and succinctly explained throughout. Made it extremely easy to follow.

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