Tutorial Photoshop: Cara Membuat COMET dari Scratch!

Tutorial Photoshop CC menunjukkan cara membuat komet yang melaju cepat di angkasa luar dari awal.


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44 Replies to “Tutorial Photoshop: Cara Membuat COMET dari Scratch!”

  1. Laura Blues

    I searched for this effect everywhere, and now I can't stop binge-watching your tutorials from years ago… I'm SO happy that I found this channel!

  2. Kinotherapist

    This is one of the best presented Photoshop tutorials I've ever seen – your voice isn't overly enthusiastic such that it is annoying, like other tutors may tend to be, but also not monotone such that it is boring. You speak clearly and at a good pace, and the video itself is edited in a perfectly concise and inoffensive way and I had a blast playing around with this effect. I know that this was years ago when this video was posted but thank you so much for this video! I see that this channel still uploads regularly so you've earned my subscription, friend.

  3. ArtisticMystic

    Wow of all the videos I've watched, smudging is o ly spreading it across the screen, or moving it to a new location, but not creating a tear drop. Had to use liquofy to do it

  4. shan hao

    The smudge tool is not working for me, it just drags the whole circle accross the screen the same size, setting followed exactly as you listed. Having the strength of the smudge tool at 100% is way too high, I had to do this with a strength below 40%

  5. D. Freeman

    I'm having issues with the transform tool with the step at 3:50. I'm not getting the same effect as you are. Instead of getting an all over nice shadow like glow, the light only expands on the bottom (almost creating an second tail) and it's now where near as bright as yours. I went back and I know that I've done all of the previous steps correctly. Any idea on what is wrong?

  6. cathy casey

    This Tutorial is so good, well done, you are so clear and precise it's a pleasure to watch every minute of it.

  7. Tajh Glenn

    Been meaning to comment on your videos for awhile, I've watched several of your videos. Thank you so much you are a life saver and the man, please keep up the great work.

  8. Jack

    GREAT tutorial. I find your voice exactly the right pace, the tutorials you do are really step-by-step and helpful. Thanks!

  9. itachithedarkcrow

    How come the stars aren't present unless I zoom in a lot (around 100%?)  I'm trying to work not zoomed in so I can see everything.  I'm having trouble basically with the stars. 

  10. Akhil Naseem

    Hey Marty… small trouble here… when I change the belnd mode for "Layer 1 copy 2" to dissolve, the particles are not tiny and fine as yours… the noise created is large and too much… how do i fix this?

  11. Laura Jack

    Thankyou so much 😀 iv'e really been struggling with photoshop but your tutorials are so helpful! made my first comet today with your help 😀

  12. samy ahmed

    Really , u are the best explain video in all the world , go on man  , and we need design of web site too ,  i need ur account in facebook please (y)

  13. László Borbély

    Takúto školu rád navštevujem som rád že sa môžem vzdelávať aj keď už mám pár rokov po škole. Ste jednoducho nenahraditeľný a užitočný. veľká vďaka za to. Prajem požehnané Vianoce pre celý Blue Lighting team 🙂

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