Tutorial Photoshop: Cara membuat Poster Teks Seseorang

Tutorial Photoshop CS6 menunjukkan cara membuat poster grafis yang digerakkan oleh teks dari selebriti, musisi, penyair, penulis atau pemimpin favorit Anda dengan lirik, prosa, puisi atau ucapan melingkari kontur wajahnya.

PENTING: Pada jam 3:27, "pemimpin harus 10 poin.

https://1drv.ms/u/s! ArAEPhCK6XBWjyD3e2EmdFS9F8cZ

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30 Replies to “Tutorial Photoshop: Cara membuat Poster Teks Seseorang”

  1. Paul Stewart

    Didn't work, after following your instructions pictured came out with text all crammed into the top. You say to set the leading to 0, in PhotoShop CC 2019 you are not allowed to change it to 0.00 so I tried o.01, lettering was all crammed together at the top of the page. Going elsewhere to find a tutrial that works.

  2. Karthick Keyan

    i can't set the layer from normal to Color .. the Color option isn't available and its freezed.. plz help

  3. Paul Danico Del Rosario

    Why cant I distort the image helpppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anush Ganesh

    Just used this tutorial to make a text portrait using Affinity Photo. Worked very well. I was able to get almost everything to work very similarly. Only big difference was that displacement did not work the same way for me. Overall, great!

  5. dominionds

    What command creates white background?And by the way your video's are the BOMB!!!…keep them coming i've learned so much thank you..

  6. Cathy L.

    Hi Marty, love your videos. I've learnt so much from you but will can't understand how you remember all those steps Wow! Please could you let me know why i am unable to open a new layer (as you do at 1:39) Control clicking the layer doesn't open a new blank layer but instead it selects the entire picture.

  7. blackbutterfly874

    Great video I've watched it several times and now I think I've mastered it although on the part where you said to darken the pic, it made my pic to dark so didn't adjust it that much. I saw on another video you used the Gaussian Blur technique also tried that method. Not sure put still a great result. Thanks!

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