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How To Design And Cut A Cribbage Game Board With VCarve Pro 11 Software | CNC Software Tutorial

Published on 03 Oct 2021 / In How-to Design

In our latest "How-To" software tutorial video, Rob Sandstrom shows the simplicity in creating a cribbage game board of any size with the updates included on VCarve Pro 11 software. What was a long, tedious process of resizing individual holes before, is now a swift modification completed with a few keyboard strokes. Follow along for a step-by-step DIY guide on how to design, cut, and use the tools necessary to achieve the custom look that you want!

Comment below if you have any questions regarding the software tutorial or have ideas for future videos!

Make this cribbage game board at home! Free project file available on our website: https://bit.ly/2YaKY2z

Watch How To Design A 3D Sign Using Aspire V11 Or VCarve Pro 11 Software here: https://bit.ly/39NU87n

0:00 – Intro to Cribbage Board Project
0:59 – Creating a new file and job setup
2:42 – Importing your own cribbage board vector
4:26 – Examples of variating cribbage boards
5:56 – Resizing your board with VCarve Pro 11 updates
11:08 – Creating the tool path to drill the holes
12:44 – Previewing tool path
12:50 – Creating the tool path for grid
14:20 – Previewing tool path
14:36 – Creating tool paths for text
15:24 – Previewing tool path
17:28 – Cutting sign on iQ CNC
18:39 – Home your CNC router
20:09 – Zero the Z axis
20:57 – Pro Tip on cutting time info
22:31 – Running your first tool path
24:05 – Changing your tool bit
25:33 – Re-zero the tool bit
26:07 – Change the drill speed of tool path
27:31 – Running your second tool path
30:43 – Finished Cribbage Board

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